Message in a bottle (a.k.a. Chronicles of Coronavirus)

Message in a bottle (a.k.a. Chronicles of Coronavirus)

I send an S.O.S. to the world, I hope that someone gets my message in a bottle.

Sting – 1979

Monday 15 of June

Back to the Future

Yes we can.

On eight of June, New Zealand’s Prime Minister said that a major milestone had just been reached as the last person infected by Coronavirus tested negative and was declared healed. All restrictions, excluding border closure, have been lifted as New Zealand focus now shifts to recovery.
Fighting the virus in New Zealand was simpler: the nation is made of two islands, making people movements easier to control, and is blessed by a unique natural situation, that allows social distancing at little cost.

New Zealand was also the last place were I made a proper road trip. Back in October 2019, with my girlfriend, we drove three thousand kilometers in the South Island. In two wonderful weeks we explored rivers, mountains, fjords and glaciers, bringing home a lot of great memories.


Chronicles of Coronavirus

As more and more countries implement social distancing policies to try to contain the Coronavirus epidemics, some news websites estimate that today, more than a billion people are at home. Since this unwanted guest made his way into our houses, we are forced to rediscover life in a confined space. Today I start my chronicles from confinement. It is a way to defy boredom, reach out to the outside world and share what happens in this part of the world. These are difficult days, but we will overcome difficulties and who knows, maybe learn something from all this.