Two Months Ago

I have been keeping these chronicles for exactly two months and although many things happened in these eight weeks. All countries have been obliged to make difficult decisions. Some decisions paid off, some others did not. The chart below shows how the pandemic evolved in the ten most hit countries in these eight weeks.

Nations that have resolutely implemented strict social distancing measures seem to be experiencing a better recovery, but it is still too early to tell the end of the story.

From a personal perspective, these two months have been enriching and challenging. The virus has changed my life: adjusting is not simple but I am thankful that as of today, neither I nor my close relatives experienced major issues. I am devoting a lot of time to researching information on the virus outbreak. Building my personal feel of the situation helps me to take everyday decisions that are not influenced by unjustified fear. It also helps me to build scenarios answering basic questions, such as when travel will resume, allowing me to leave the country and plan some holiday. The human mind needs to build projections of a possible future and by making all forward plans impossible, Coronavirus is pushing us to live against nature.

Although progress has been done in these last two months, there is still a lot to do. At this point in time, we can hope that a vaccine is developed soon, and try to preserve our good energy, as we will need it badly to overcome difficulties. Writing this diary also requires energy; in the days to come I may reduce updates frequency and go back to my pre-Coronavirus habit of posting something once in a while.


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