Bicycle Ride

We were lucky today and we could go for a bicycle ride before the town is shut down.

I took those few pictures and, for those who are closed in, I want to reassure you, there is still a lot of beauty out there, and it will still be there once we get out.

Before Coronavirus intruded into our work place, I used a joke to define the often abused “digital transformation” buzzword. “It’s like teenagers and sex” – I used to say – “Everyone wants to do it, but no-one knows how”. Digital transformation encompasses a lot more than working from home, but we have to admit that Coronavirus is forcing the concept of corporate job to make a giant leap in these hard days.

My company operates globally through a network of hundreds of physical offices. We use to say that we have an office in a bigger number of countries than those represented at United Nations. Some of our sites have a work force of 4000-5000 employees, commuting from their homes to their work place every day.
When the first restrictive measures started to be enforced throughout the world, and in a matter of days, like many other companies, we shifted all our operations to our homes. It is a formidable digital transformation benchmark and we are today coming to fruition of years of effort spent to implement cloud technologies, cooperative working tools, video conferencing infrastructures. I did not fully grasp the amplitude of the transformation that happened lately, but I can see now how global companies that managed to stay at the edge of technology are today more robust, flexible and technologically resilient.

The last missing piece was the mindset shift towards an instinctively collaborative working attitude. Forced in our homes by Coronavirus, through the usage of intuitive technologies, we are building a new neuronal network made of remote co-workers that help us not only in our working tasks, but also to understand the complex reality of the world outside our homes. Our personal messengers are also plugged into this net, connecting us to our remote friends and families. At any time we wish, we can be aware of the challenges awaiting for us in these difficult times inside and outside the work place.

We are forced to adapt every day as the wind of COVID-19 change blows with the force of a hurricane. Let’s do our best to steer our boats out of the storm, and keep in mind that the pessimist complains about the wind, the optimist expects it to change, the realist adjusts the sails.


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