Hopes for a Fresh Start

In Italy, the total number of people that tested positive to COVID-19 started decreasing on the twentieth of April; that day there were approximately 108000 people officially infected. After thirty-two days, on the second of May, the number had halved.

European countries are trying to re-open to tourists as the summer approaches. The image below, illustrate the current situation.

Today in a conference call I heard from one of my customers that India is re-opening its air space to flights. There are 500-600 flights open for sale these days. In normal times, there are around 8000 flights available. Things have to start somewhere.

Skift,  a media company that provides news, research, and marketing services for the travel industry, is maintaining a roadmap assembling news on reopening of borders and services related to travel. The information comes from different media and web sites.

IATA is maintaining a database of passenger requirements that are necessary to enter the different countries, a map is available online that helps to navigate through the mess of requirements.


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