A Haircut, Finally

Coronavirus outbreak has been a bumpy ride in this part of the world. After a very well executed initial containment phase, a huge number of cases started to appear in foreign workers dormitories, forcing the government to roll out social distancing measures referred to as circuit-breaker. Then, the dormitories have been isolated to allow treatment of the foreign workers that tested positive, and outbreak trends are now measured in two populations commonly referred to as “the community” and “the dorms”, experiencing different virus spread dynamics.

On the 21st of April, the circuit-breaker has been extended until the first of June. A massive campaign of tests was rolled out among the dorms population, leading to an inevitable increase in the number of cases. In the community, seven new cases per day have been recorded in average in the last week.

As a result of the improved trend within the community population, some measures are being gradually released. Hairdressers reopened yesterday and there were news of people queuing for haircuts. Today I crossed the island to go visit my Sicilian friends hair stylist shop. It was the first time in more than one month that I met some friends and it was cool. I was happy to finally get an haircut as my hair style had gone kind of wild in the last weeks. Nothing compared to Nicolas Cage, though 😉


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