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Italy was the first European country to experience Coronavirus outbreak on a massive scale and is one of the countries that suffered the most. I often look at Italy to anticipate what is coming next, because social distancing and other preventive measures were applied there with common sense. The numbers are proving that reaction was appropriate: for a few days now, the new cases passed below the bar of one thousand, something that did not happen since early March, and the trend continues to be promising.

Supported by data on outbreak evolution, the government rolled out yesterday new measures setting a timeline for a gradual acceleration of economic recovery: starting from the 18th of May, people will be allowed to circulate in the streets freely and a valid justification will only be required when moving between two regions. The minimum social distancing between individuals is reduced from two meters to one. Gyms, pools, training centers will re-open on the 25th of May, cinemas and theatres will be allowed to operate from the 15th of June onwards. The borders with European Union countries will re-open on the 3rd of June and at the moment, the idea is that for visitors from other European Union countries, no quarantine will be requested. The evolution of Coronavirus outbreak will be closely monitored in the week to come and lock-down measures will be re-introduced if a relapse happens.

On this occasion, the government also tried to pass a law to grant to the many irregular workers providing essential services such as home care and agricultural work, a legal ground to work in these difficult times. This is a big pain point in Italian society, torn apart by an ideological divide on migrants. I haven’t read the text but based on what I read in online news, this attempt seems to fall short of the goal.


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