Of human beings and engineers

Of human beings and engineers

Human beings often experience complex states of mind and intertwined feelings that they express using articulated language, figures of speech, metaphors, antonyms and other tools of the like.

– Engineers
– Love
– Bullet lists

I have been a human being until the age of 20-something, then joined the dark side and turned into an engineer. In my early 20s you could meet me in a classroom with my red Shakespeare plays book.

– Now
– Most of the time
– I am doing a powerpoint

One of the ambitions of this blog is to turn the clock back to the time when words were important to me and everybody else. Bring the power back, put words in the driver seat and numbers in the trunk. Say, share, play.
Oh! I forgot… F*CK commercial TV.
I will still be doing powerpoint occasionally because this is currently paying my utilities bills, but only in the spare time between two foolish ideas.
By the way, for those enrolled in engineering schools all over the world, let me share a secret: girls are always better than powerpoint!