Slowly but Safely?

Countries around the world are taking the first steps to resume activities after a prolonged lock-down. In general the plans are very progressive and authorities have drafted calendars resuming activities slowly, so to be able to observe the number of new Coronavirus cases. Fallback plans have been elaborated and will be activated if the outbreak accelerates again as an effect of resuming activities.

Italy and Spain set the first milestone to yesterday, the forth of May. A calendar is being drafted to rule more precisely the days where each activity is resumed in each part of the territory.

France has set the first milestone to the eleventh of May, but is considering updating this plan if new facts emerge. If the plan is maintained, by that day, a first batch of departments will start releasing the lock-down, some other departments where the outbreak is broader or the hospitals are more stressed, will have to wait longer.

Singapore is slowly releasing some of the constraints, starting from yesterday. The Prime Minister has announced that even after the official end of lock-down on first of June, working from home will continue to be the standard.

In the United States of America, throughout the whole month of April, the situation has not really improved, and everyday there are between 25 and 30 thousands of new Coronavirus cases. Surprisingly, the trust in the President of United States, who has been relentlessly operating to sabotage common sense measures, has remained practically constant since the beginning of his office.

President of USA popularity as per polls analysis


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