The World Outside

In this part of the world, we have been enclosed in our homes for one month and a half there are places where strict lock-downs have been effective for three months. Psychologists are explaining that it will be hard to re-adapt and live the way we did before Coronavirus invited itself into our life. Myself, I felt a bit awkward a few days ago when I unexpectedly found myself in a supermarket full of people.

The world is still waiting for us and things will eventually go back to normal. Travel will resume, we will go on vacation again, do sports outside freely and taste good food in crowded restaurants.

Now it seems an eternity ago, but it was only the end of February, while borders shutdowns started to be implemented in Europe, that I and my girlfriend flew to Thailand to enjoy a last weekend of freedom. We hopped on a boat and went diving in the Koh Phi Phi area.

We had a great time, the kind of experience you get in Thailand, where people are always welcoming, the sea is beautiful and the beers are cold and cheap.

Enclosed by the walls of our apartment, we think of how good it will feel to travel or chill on a beach again. The times are not right yet, but it is just a matter of patience.

In France, since the 11th of May, people can leave their homes. Today in Paris, for the first time in quite a long time, my parents ventured out of their apartment and took a walk outside. Congratulations on this great achievement!


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