I am still working from home this week. Today the gym in my condo has been closed down until further notice because we have three cases of Coronavirus. I know that these are first-world problems but with less daily exercise, it will be harder to keep my mind cool.

Today, while I was walking to go to my German class, I bumped into this guy, who was sticking plastic bands on the floor, outside a popular fast-food restaurant.

Singapore is a process-driven place, and today the government has issued new regulations on social distancing.

Japan is also very process-driven, but one entity is even scarier than Coronavirus: the boss. Today I had a conference call with our Tokyo office. No one works from home there, as employees are afraid to be perceived as lazy if they remain at their place instead of going to the office. 

After today, my German class moves online. The teaching institution cannot respect the new rules and grant one meter of empty space between two students.

I went on FlightRadar 24 website and captured a snapshot of air traffic over France. The difference between today and a normal day is impressive.

Update from Italy: after weeks where new Coronavirus cases in Italy increased day-in day-out, numbers published today show that yesterday, they decreased substantially. It is very early to understand if the trend is changing, but it is important that this happened. 


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