International Workers’ Day

Today it is the International Workers Day, the traditional celebration of working classes, a bank holiday in many countries. In Italy for the past thirty years, a big concert was organized in Rome, in Piazza San Giovanni. Despite the pandemic, the concert will still happen but the structure is different: according to the news, the artists will perform live in different towns, respecting the security measures imposed by the virus.

France is trying to get organized to reopen gradually. Yesterday, a map has been published, assigning a color to each department depending on the number of cases, the number of available beds in hospitals and intensive care units, the general logistic preparedness to face the pandemic.

The departments will start to re-open on 11th of May. From that day on, territories in red will have to continue observing strict social distancing measures for an extended period of time, while in the green one, the measures will be lighter. The departments that currently have an orange color, will move to green or red on the 7th of May.

Yesterday I completed my April push-up challenge. I did 100 push-ups each day of the month (except one day, sigh!).


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