Red and Green

France will kick-off the re-opening plan starting on the eleventh of May. Yesterday, the new maps have been unveiled, that will serve to pace the release of social distancing measures.

All French departments have been flagged in green or red color: in the green areas, the social distancing measures from eleventh of May on will be looser, in the red areas, they will be stricter.

The three following criteria have been used to assign green or red color:

Coronavirus activity: the main marker taken into account is the percentage of people that visit hospitals emergency departments and have suspect virus symptoms. If the percentage is bigger than 10%, activity is considered high. In this map we can see the areas where the activity is considered to be higher.

Pressure on hospitals intensive care units: the pressure is considered high if more than 80% of the beds in intensive care are occupied. The pressure in each department is represented in this map.

Testing capacity: the capacity to test citizens as required by the current outbreak speed in the department. The map shows that all departments can adequately test population today.

Authorities have not yet disclosed as of today, what activities will re-open in the red and green zones, but the eleventh of May is getting close, so we will know soon. In the meantime, in France it is still hard to buy face masks.


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