Don’t Be a Fool

After being stuck in our places for more than two months, some of us must be thinking badly about traveling. The good thing is that, well, it cannot get worse and today even stepping out of an apartment can be the beginning of a journey. I want to share the words of a “feel good” song about traveling. The band is named Land Of Trees; It’s easy listening, try it out on the internet.

“Travel should take time
with lots of stops
open eyes
and coffee shops
See the things you want to see
And not the ones in your travel magazine

And follow your heart
Forget perfection
Those with money will try to
force you in their direction
So don’t look too much to what others do
and for God’s sake honey
Just be yourself, be you
Be you, don’t be a fool

Don’t be a fool – Land of trees – 2016

The holy month of Ramadan ended yesterday. For sure it was like no others. I am not religious, but prayers don’t harm in crazy times like these.


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