The Winner Takes it All

Thirteen days ago I sent to my parents in Paris a pack containing surgical and N95 masks, but they have not received it, yet. The masks are worth maybe 20 Euros but in times like these, they are seen as more precious than gold and may never reach their destination.

Dear Coronavirus,

Now I understand that this is what virus do: take away things from you and sometimes even worse. But why you cannot take everything at once? Why I have to endure the pain of losing all the things that filled my life little by little? I understand that you are greedy, my dear Coronavirus and I am OK to give you all my pass-times. Can you just take them all in one shot?

This is the list of new restrictions, effective from tonight, 26th of March.

Update from Italy: yesterday, 25th of March, number of new cases decreased again in comparison to the previous day. My feeling is that a downtrend will be confirmed soon and then accelerate. As explained yesterday, the decrease of number of new cases is probably the most important indicator of Coronavirus propagation.


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