Maybe some of you have heard of Duke Kahanamoku in Hawaii and pretty much throughout the surfing world. He is revered as the greatest of all surfers, even more than Kelly. I am sure The Duke would scoff at such a description of himself; I think that he would rather be considered an ambassador of Aloha. You see Aloha is this Hawaiian word that is used to describe something that is really universal. The Duke always carried his cards with him, that he would give out to people whom he thought could benefit from the message on the card. This is what his card said: “Aloha is love. In Hawaii, we greet friends, loved ones and strangers with Aloha which means with love. Aloha is the keyword to the universal spirit of real hospitality that made Hawaii renowned over the world for fellowship and understanding. Try meeting or leaving your brother with Aloha and you will be surprised by their reaction of Aloha, of love. I believe, it is my creed. Aloha to you dude”.

I leave you with that wonderful taste of what the Aloha spirit is about. Keep paddling for the real waves and for all those metaphorical ones as well. Always surf with Aloha and live your lives with Aloha. Aloha to you.


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