A Beer and a Football Match

The situation in Germany has been showing steady improvement over the past weeks and yesterday good signals came from a meeting between the German chancellors and the Lander governors. Schools will re-open soon and social gatherings will be progressively allowed. Bundesliga, German football league will also restart between the 15 and the 22 of May. It is still quite hard to believe it but today, throughout the world, almost all the professional sport competitions have been suspended. Bundesliga matches will be held in empty stadiums and, as some German professional football players tested positive in the last weeks, special precautions will be taken to avoid any risk. The progressive re-opening of Germany comes with a braking mechanism: if in any given week, more than 50 persons out of 100000 will test positive in a given Lander, stricter social distancing measures and lock-downs will be re-instated.

The flowers I ordered yesterday for my girlfriend were delivered today. She was happy, and so was I 😉


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