Sparring Partners

A bitter feud is ongoing between Twitter and the president of the United States these days. After a “fact-check” flag appeared within a presidential tweet, Twitter co-founder and CEO has publicly taken ownership of his company decision to correct abusive messages appearing on the platform, regardless of their author. The president of the United States replied threatening Twitter, in pure presidential style.

It is not difficult to take sides in this bitter quarrel.

Twitter CEO recently declared that he will donate one billion dollars, 28% of his total wealth, to charities involved in COVID-19 relief initiatives. So far, he already donated to organizations tackling domestic violence due to the pandemic, HIV/AIDS, refugees, advocacy for prisoners, among many others. He also decided to fund organizations providing food for people in need, support for the homeless, mental health initiatives, and an organization that aims at closing the educational gap between students who don’t access to the internet and those who do. The full list of organizations that received funds so far is available on the Internet.

On the other side, the president of the United States is cruising through the Coronavirus pandemic in style. Almost twenty thousand new cases are still recorded every day and the number of deaths has recently passed the 100000 bar. He threatened to close his Twitter account and this could be the greatest silver lining of Coronavirus outbreak. A simple click to make the world such a better place.


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