A Non Zero Sum Game

The Prime Minister will go on TV in one hour from now to announce more stringent social distancing measures. Most likely he will announce school closure and probably shopping malls will be closed, too. It is another of these moments where I am forced to evaluate what else I can let go without pain. If I can still go for a walk, a swim and I can still provide for my need for food, I am happy 😉 . Welcome into COVID-19 game, where the sum of what you get and what you lose is always negative.

And so it is. PM spoke earlier this afternoon and from next Tuesday on a new round of measures will become effective. Schools and offices will be closed, essential services such as transportation and grocery shops will remain open. Restaurants will be allowed to operate, but only for take away food. Doing physical activity such as running is still allowed but keeping a minimum distance of one meter from other people. Gatherings, on the other hand, are not allowed.

These measures are motivated by the rise of untraceable cases of COVID-19; they are effective until 30th of April but will be extended if need be. The government believes that if they fail to act now and effectively bring the number of infected people below a safe threshold, the virus will spread in an uncontrolled way and cause even more damage in the future.

At this stage, we can only hope that this will be enough. Dear Coronavirus, you win another round, but we are still determined to kick your ass one day.


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