Elections Year

Coronavirus is still raging in the United States, where the total number of persons who tested positive exceeds 800000 units and increases by more than 25000 new cases per day, without showing clear signs of decline. 

The president is facing the toughest challenge of recent history in elections year. After a slow start culminating in one month of stand still back in February, he and his team are now unveiling a clear 2-phases strategy to defeat Coronavirus. 

In phase 1, the president multiplies tweets and public appearance to snap at those who do not openly support his (lack of) action, in an attempt to divert public attention from the ongoing disaster. The list of usual targets include the former president, China, reputed epidemiologists, Europe, World Health Organization, governors issuing shelter in place orders. 

In phase 2, he will orchestrate a campaign heavily reliant on a network of hard core political supporters, fueled by fake news and powered by some opaque social media company. The ultimate goal will be to convince his supporters that “China will pay for the virus”. After all, the good old “Mexico will pay for the wall” made its job damn fine. 

While this scenario unfolds in Washington, the political divide reaches new heights throughout the United States, where tens of thousands of people are losing their jobs every day and front line medical staff multiply the efforts to organize a response to the virus. 

In light of recent facts, Coronavirus and the president of the United States appear to share two common traits: they’re both erratic and truly dangerous. 


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