An Unusual Sight

From my office in my living room, I can enjoy a nice open view and today I saw something that these days has become quite rare: I saw an airplane flying. At the beginning of the crisis, countries closed down their borders and air spaces day after day but I could still see many planes. Today the sky is always empty.

I miss planes and the way they take us comfortably around the world to see new places or meet our friends and families.

From my office in my living room, I can also see the highway. Before the lock-down measures were implemented, despite the fact that most were working from home, traffic jams would form at the end of the working day. Today the highway is quite empty. There are still occasional cars, but the traffic is always fluid.

In recent years the debate on the preservation of nature and environment has been raging, thanks to Greta Thunberg, a young, inspired and courageous opinion leader. The Earth is taking a big breath of fresh air these days and this may be the silver lining of this situation.


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